[RFI] So-Called Utility "Smart Meters"

G. White radiotrade at rogers.com
Fri Aug 15 22:46:44 EDT 2008

Ontario is moving to smart meters. My town ( Newmarket)  was one of the first in Ontario to be so equipt. Although not being used to thier full potential of  "peak hour" billing yet, they soon will be. Rates are going up (double) and if you want to save money you will have to use high power devices off peak hours, when you will get a "break" ( hi,hi- yea sure- after the rates were doubled) in the price....

As for RFI. Check with Ontario ham microwave community....THEY DO CAUSE RFI- no doubt about it. The 900mHz band has been renderd usless to many Ontatio Hams  who's homes have been provided with a smart meter. 
Industry Canada is aware of the problem, but nothing has been done. Some hams have suggested runing the highest powered 900 mHz  station as possible and see how the meters  like rfi...recall that the smart meter is the illegal offender.

We are SOOOO lucky that "us ratepayers" in Ontario will also now have the cost of the meters implementaion added directly to the bottom line of our bills...paying for a device that causes problems to our Radios, doulbels the rates, --and having to eat the cost too...?

They also do calculate on power factor from what I've been told !!.

If you have installed the new  CFL's (compact florecent lights) in your home, that could be increasing you bill...many CFL'c are extreemly ineffecient and have a bad PF....and you will be so charged...Although they use less wattage for comparable incandecent light, many cheap imported CFL's have a bad PF.....Ontario is making CFL's the law and banning incandecent bulbs....!!!*#$#$!!

73 Greg

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