[RFI] Finding noise source

Colman Ahern Smokey at ziplink.net
Sat Aug 16 13:26:45 EDT 2008

If you think the noise is coming from your neighbours house, use a portable am radio on a 
weak signal or tune it to an empty part of the band, the lower the receiver sensitivity 
the better.  If the house is the source, the closer you get to it the stronger the noise 
signal.  Try bringing the radio near any exposed metal water pipes, gas meter, electric 
meter, cable tv input line, even the front door bell on the house.

This worked for me a few months ago when I had a really loud beeping noise which covered 
approx. 2-29Mhz, about 80 beeps per sec, touching the front door bell switch on the house 
with the radio's whip antenna produced the strongest signal, it almost knocked the 
headphones off my head!

I think the noise was from some kind of automatic battery charger which had been left 
switched on, perhaps still connected to a fully-charged battery, or maybe just not in use 
but still switched on.  I had thought that the noise source was a CODAR Radar station 
which had been installed on the Berkeley Marina, wrong source.

Colman Ahern.
Berkeley, Calif.

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