[RFI] 2002 Mazda Millenia

Keon Hayes ke3hay at gmail.com
Wed Aug 27 12:56:39 EDT 2008

Boy do I have a problem here. My name is Keon (KE3HAY) and I have a Mazda
with a serious issue that I am not sure if bonding will solve.I am Running a
Yaesu 857. I have bonded my trunk and hood to the uniframe of my car. When
the key is on the off position, no noise what so ever. As soon as I turn it
to the acc position, there is a s9 noise on the 40M and 580M band ... but
20M is about a S3 which i can hear weak signals with some DSP in there. 40
has come down some ... like 1 s unit but it is still floating between a s8
and 9. any other sudgestions?

I have ruled out fuel pump because the pump fuse was pulled and noise
contenued and the car just shut off. I think  it may be the computer but not
sure. I took the power leads to an outside sourse (Battery out of the car)
and still the noise. I used the short cable for the remote head and still
there. I grounded the radio and it helped a tad bit.

Thanks for any help ...


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