[RFI] Wired vs Wireless Routers for RFI

John Geiger n5ten at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 9 12:16:34 EST 2008

I have tried 3 different wireless routers(Linksys,
Netgear, and Ativa) and all 3 have put birdies on the
20 meter band (maybe other places, but it is so bad on
20m I gave up and didn't check other bands).  I was
using them in a wired fashion, and all 3 put birdies
on the same frequencies, which makes me think that it
is something related to the workings of the router. 
The ethernet wires I have run around the house are
radiating the birdies, as they disappear when I
disconnect the wires.  However, I cannot afford to go
wireless right now with buying all of the wireless

Are wired routers using exactly the same circuitry
(meaning they cause the same birdies) or have people
found wired routers to be quieter RF wise.  I will
probably break down and try one anyways, but thought I
would try to get some feedback first.

I am back to using my ethernet hub which is quiet with
the ethernet wires running around the house, but the
ISP will only give me 2 IP addresses, so the computer
sitting next to the radio hasn't been connected to the
internet for a couple of weeks.

73s John AA5JG

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