[RFI] Wired vs Wireless Routers for RFI

Donald Kemp nn8b.oh at gmail.com
Sat Jan 12 11:45:05 EST 2008


I do not know if the female connectors in the router; modem; or computers
have provisions to ground the shield of the male plug. I did not ring out
any of the conductors in the cable to the shield to see if one was also

I googled shielded cat-5 cables and got many vendors selling them.
I probably just picked the cheapest one and ordered them.
Actually, they were not much more expensive than un-shielded cat-5.

Bottom line is; it worked.

During my investigative period, I noticed if I unplugged the power from a
hub I had in my radio shack, the birdies would almost dissapear. My first
thought was the hub and I got another brand to replace it. It did not make
any difference to replace the hub. At that point I ordered the shielded
cat-5 and made direct runs from the router.

On Jan 12, 2008 11:22 AM, Jim Brown <jim at audiosystemsgroup.com> wrote:

> Thanks, Don. To clarify -- are you saying that the female Ethernet
> connectors built
> into the cable modem, the router, and the computers all have shield
> contacts?
> Where did you buy these cables? Did you build them yourself and put
> connectors on
> them?
> 73,
> Jim K9YC
> On Fri, 11 Jan 2008 12:42:02 -0500, Donald Kemp wrote:
> >Jim,
> >The system I used the shielded Cat-5 cable with is a Toshiba PCX-2600
> cable
> >modem with a short 3 or 5 foot shielded cat-5 jumper to a Dlink DL-604
> >router,
> >>From the router I have 4 computers connected with shielded cat-5 cable.
> >Each connector of each cable has a metal shield connected to the shield
> in
> >the cable. The connector shield contacts the female connector in the
> router
> >or modem for ground. I did not use an external ground to either the modem
> or
> >router.
> >2 of the shielded cat-5 runs are 50 foot, the 2 others are 25 foot runs.

Don, NN8B

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