[RFI] Alarm system

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Welcome back to ham radio!  You may get better, more usable answers, if 
you tell us a few things:

1.  What bands do you plan to operate and at what power level?

2.  What type(s) of antenna(s) do you plan to use and where will it/they 
be located, relative to the house?

3.  Where did the builder provide a location for the alarm controller? How 
and where are the cables run?

Best wishes in your new QTH.

73, Dale

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[RFI] Alarm system

Greetings Folks,
   I am beginning to move into my new home at Lake  Havasu City.
We had it built by a good builder; so it came  pre-wired for an alarm
Dumbo, here, forgot about  RFI!!!  So, I am wondering: Which system
does the consensus endorse for  minimum garbage out into my HF rcvr?
Then what in the world do I  have the installation fellow do with
protection from my planned max  power?
I have been away from hamming for 35 years, way before  all these
snap on ferrites, etc.  I bought books on the subject before  moving here;
but of course, they are all buried under 10 tons of moving  boxes.
I am sure I will want to hook up all the system before  those books
come to surface.
Looking for all kinds of  advice.
Thanks in advance,
Warren Wolff
W7WY; ex-W5KKW
_WarrenWolff at aol.com_ (mailto:WarrenWolff at aol.com) 

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