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If you contact someone at Honda with technical knowledge, try to find out 
what motor type the EPS uses and how it is controlled.  In short:  is the 
motor a permanent magnet DC type with brushes, or is it operated as a 
servo motor?  Does the controller use PWM or variable frequency to set 
motor speed and/or torque?  Depending upon the answers to those questions, 
it may be possible for you to determine a cure if they can't.

One other comment:  If you used braid for the exhaust pipe grounding, keep 
an eye on it periodically.  I found that tinned copper braid lasted about 
18 months before corroding away when placed under a vehicle and in contact 
with that hot pipe.  It was very effective until that happened.

73, Dale

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[RFI] Honda RFI

Last August I bought a new 2007 Honda Fit.  While the ignition noise 
reasonable, especially after adding a few easily done exhaust pipe 
there remained a mysterious broadband noise noticeable on all bands at 
through 2 meters. It is worst on 15 meters where it was S9 on a HamStick. 
had an odd pattern of being on most, but not all, of the time, and not 
Today I had the Eureka moment, and have determined it is the Electric 
Steering (EPS). In particular, it begins immediately upon any movement of 
steering wheel, and continues for about 2 seconds after the last movement. 
Hence, no noise when parked.  Driving down a straight road with hands off 
wheel, it remains quiet until I move the wheel.
Do any Honda owners with models equipped with EPS also experience this 
noise?  I am curious if it is a problem extending beyond the Fit. A brief 
test in 
a new Accord at the local dealer was inconclusive, in part because there 
a lot of other RFI in the lot where we tested it. I plan to contact 
1-800 customer service number in a few days (the local service people, and 
regional customer relations person were very unhelpful once we determined 
another Fit had the same problem). The problem in my Fit is also 
in  the FM broadcast reception on weaker stations, so it may be of 
interest (I 
hope)  to Honda on that basis. 
Note that it requires an AM detector (or product detector) to  observe 
noise.  A VHF FM radio is not likely to hear it.
When the weather warms up I plan to remove the EPS fuse (a 50  amp, screw 
down type) for a some low speed experiments in an open parking  lot. Would 

disabling the EPS likely be a safety issue, at least for  open highway 
73   -   Jim    K8MR

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