[RFI] UPS Radiated Interference

Alex kr1st at amsat.org
Sun Jan 27 11:33:19 EST 2008

Here's an example of an experience I had with a Cyberpower UPS, model
BC1285C, in May, 2006:


The web page only describes a personal experience. This does not mean I
advocate against the use of Cyberpower UPS devices.

In this case the RFI/TVI was propagated via the power cable. I also took a
series of pictures showing the effect of VHF snap-on cores on the power
cable on the TVI I was experiencing (not on the web page). If I remember
correctly, it took 12 cores to get rid of the interference. 

I replaced this UPS with an APC XS 1200 that has served me very well with
zero RFI/TVI.

--Alex KR1ST

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