[RFI] TV RFI better info

rrath at charter.net rrath at charter.net
Tue Jan 29 00:14:38 EST 2008

> How close is the inverted V to the house and TV?  
One leg is about 15' above the tv.

I can run 1KW with no TVI
> to the LCD TV inside the shack, however I get TVI (to the color) on
> the TV in my living room while running only 50W.  
Depending on what tv channel I am on, my other tv in my radio room, which 
is an LCD, it too gets sound and picture TVI. It is about 25' from the same 
leg on the inverted V.

You should power a VCR
> or DVD player off the same generator so no input to the TV is
> connected to the AC or long coax lines.
I can try this next weekend.
> Does your TV have a sub-woofer.   



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