[RFI] Battery Minder chargers/desulphators

Andy ingraham.ma.ultranet at rcn.com
Tue Jun 17 23:02:18 EDT 2008

I've been considering those storage battery charger/maintainers with
multiple charging phases for maintaining a 12V lead-acid storage cell
without overcharging, especially the ones that have a desulfation mode.

For example, the BatteryMinder has an automatic desulfation mode that pulses
the charging current at a 3.26 MHz frequency.  Another model says it uses
"random frequency pulsation."

Does anyone have any experience with these things?  Does the desulfation
current cause RFI into the ham bands?

When I looked at these a few years ago, I believe the desulfation mode was
enabled with a pushbutton.  But the newer descriptions imply that the
desulfation is continuous.

Would it be a bad thing to have one of these when you use RF equipment?


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