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It's detectable from h.f. thru >144-MHz.  RDFed with 4-el 2-m beam and
an IC-A4 on 136-MHz to one of three possible houses, 

Hi Patrick

First, I am a little confused by what you are doing when you say you are
using a 2 meter beam and using an aircraft receiver ( IC-A4 ?) on 136 MHz.
Depending on the antenna, some have patterns which are not what you expect
when you get too far off the design frequency.  

What happens if you just use the HT with its' own flexible antenna?  Does
the noise get stronger as you approach one of these houses while still in
your yard.  Is it stronger in your own home?  When you can hear a noise like
this on VHF, it typically means you are very close to the source. 

The noise sounds more like a wall wart transformer supplying a printer or
perhaps a laptop that is essentially fully charged and the charger is
cycling on an off.  

I suggest you turn off the breakers in your house and see if it goes away,
or certainly pull any wall wart supplied devices in your shack and see what

Let us know what you find.

Jim  K5QQ

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