[RFI] Line Noise

Larry K4AB larry.k4ab at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 18:43:20 EST 2008

I seem to have what sounds like a "line noise" problem ...but it's very
isolated..both by frequency in use, and direction.

Peaks at northeast (unfortunate), and is only a problem on the SSB portion
of 20 meters.

For example:

14.0   S0
14.1   S1
14.2   S8
14.3   S8
14.4   S7
14.5   S5
14.6   S0

Seems to be centered on/around 14.254 mHz.  Unaffected by weather

Any ideas...a simple power line problem?   There is a BPL provider that
reaches within 1 mile from my QTH  (northeast)....could this be the culprit?

Larry K4AB

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