[RFI] CFL Bulbs

Hardy Landskov n7rt at cox.net
Mon Nov 10 20:16:16 EST 2008

I got on the bandwagon too when CFL's came out but I had all 4 of the pack 
that I bought FAIL within 6 months. All made in China and they all made RFI 
in my portable SW receiver.
I have gone back to incandescents.........
Still waiting for LED's.
73 N7RT

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> David C. Hallam wrote:
>> For the first time I just read the disclaimer on the side of a box of GE
>> CFL's.
>> "Do not install this product near maritime safety equipment or other
>> critical navigation or communication equipment operating between 0.45-30
>> MHz".
> I think that has to be a CYA like electronic equipment turned off on
> airplanes.
> I've been flying for years with ham rigs on board, and we've had CFLs
> for several.
> I've never had the rigs bother the nav or com receivers. Likewise with
> CFLs, I've never heard them on any of the rigs, be they in the house or
> out in the shop. I had a few premature failures on the CFLs, but overall
> they really do last much longer and have reached the point where they
> are about on par for cost with incandescents. (energy used Vs original
> cost).
> As soon as the LEDs become plentiful and less expensive I expect we'll
> see people switching to them.
> Then we'll save substantial power and get rid of the mercury.
> 73
> Roger (K8RI)
>> David
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