[RFI] CFL Bulbs

David C. Hallam dhallam at rapidsys.com
Wed Nov 12 11:18:57 EST 2008

As far as life goes, CFL's have definitely gotten better.  A couple of years
ago, I was replacing the spiral type MUCH more often than incandescent.  Now
that is not true.


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> Just as another data point ...
> I have several compact flourescents in the home and a few standard
> non-compact types.  By far the noisiest of them is NOT a CFL.  I
> am not much
> a weak signal listener, but the CFLs are pretty quiet, whereas
> this non-CFL
> roars over the HF spectrum.
> I also get pretty good life out of my CFLs.  At this point I
> think I've had
> two start to flicker, in well over 10 years of use.
> Maybe I'm just getting the right brand(s)?
> Is there anything NOT made in China?
> Andy
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