[RFI] CFL Bulbs

Andy ingraham.ma.ultranet at rcn.com
Wed Nov 12 12:39:20 EST 2008

On a daily basis I still use one of the first two CFLs we got almost 20
years ago.  It always had an annoying tendency to take several seconds to
ignite at all, and it still does that.  Only those first two CFLs we got,
did that.  This one is next to my bed so I don't know if it causes much RFI.

> Yes, but how are they in a cold environment...?

Last year I decided to do an experiment and ignore the manufacturer's
statements that they should not be used outdoors, in the cold, base-up ...
and I put one in each lamp next to the front door.

Both are still working fine.

But this isn't Canada.  It is New England.  Yes, they start up dim when it's
cold but seem to reach full brightness by 30 seconds or so.

They have outlived 7 small decorative incandescents so far in the same
fixtures.  Those seem to burn out every 3-6 months (base-down).

The bottoms of the fixtures are open so heat is not trapped.

One more note of comparison about RFI ... there is more RFI generated by
someone opening the front door, than by the CFLs we have running every
night.  Either the weather seal or the hinges must be causing tiny
discharges whenever the door moves.


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