[RFI] Wireless - ATT U-verse

rick darwicki n6pe at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 30 12:20:45 EST 2008


I am have my PCs and TV converted to ATT U-verse TV and internet. Am I in for trouble? 

My house phone is a regular line. My other line runs direct to the shack from the house block about 35 feet away and is a phone/dsl pair I ran in CAT 5.

Apparently they run fiber optics to the main box close to my house, but I'm not sure if they run it into the house. I also don't know if the phone lines remain as wires or get connected thru the fiber optics link. I keep the same numbers.

I can locate the main box near my TV, about 25 feet from the shack or in the shack with the two PCs. I think they can run wireless to the TV, laptop and PCs, or run the PCs on Ethernet.

Anyone with experience have any suggestions for best options or things I need to be aware of?



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