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We had U-verse installed around the end of June. The installation used coax
from the box outside to the DVR, STBs, and the Residential Gateway. My
existing CAT5 was used from the gateway to the PCs. The RG is located in the
shack as that is where the previously used DSL modem and router were

I run 200 watts max and found that would disrupt the RG on any band 160 -
10. I wrapped all coax, CAT5, and power code with 43 ferrites, which took
care of 75 % of the problem. Putting these same ferrites on the DVR and STBs
cured virtually all the remaining RFI. There is a little disruption of the
TV signal on 12 meters, but no freezing of the picture or loss of internet
like before. I have not gotten back to curing this, but suspect that a few
more turns on the core will probably fix it.

So, unfortunately, you will probably have to spend some time RFI proofing
your installation, but the good news is that it can be cured.

Good luck,

John K5QX

Subject: [RFI] Wireless - ATT U-verse


I am have my PCs and TV converted to ATT U-verse TV and internet. Am I in
for trouble? 

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