[RFI] Low Voltage Patio Lights

Alan Robinson robinsah at engr.orst.edu
Sun Sep 7 13:35:18 EDT 2008

Hello R March,

I have a 12 volt driveway lighting system that uses a 12 volt transformer. I 
makes NO RFI. It is produced and sold by "NightScaping"; part of:

Loran, Inc
1705 E. Colton Ave.
Redlands, CA 92374


I just called their number and got their answering system. So they are still 
in business. I have had my system for 10 years. No problems so far (fingers 
crossed, now that I've said that).

There Web page is www.nightscaping.com

My system uses a programmable clock and a "big" transformer. Fortunately it 
is fuse protected. Someone drove over a light and shorted it out. But no 
damage to the transformer.

Hope this help you.


Alan, W4LKE

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>I now have a problem with a neighbors outside low voltage patio lights.
>  It generates 20 over 9 noise on 160, caused by the power supply;  not
> a transformer but a switcher.  So the question is: does anyone know of a
> low voltage outdoor/patio lighting system with a built-in light sensor
> that does not make noise? Maybe one that uses an actual transformer?
> What an innovation.
> Another question.  Who does one contact at the FCC now that Riley
> Hollingsworth has retired?    Thanks,  Bob  N7UA
> BTW, It sure would be great if there were a data base of systems that
> don't make noise, say maintained by the ARRL, where hams could find
> solutions to these problems.
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