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Billy Cox aa4nu at ix.netcom.com
Mon Sep 15 22:29:10 EDT 2008

Have the neighbor flip his breakers one by one,
and to "encourage him" mention that problems like
this COULD cause either a FIRE or higher electric
bills ... I did this once and we found he had a
loose wire on his hot water heater! Solved my RFI
problem, and the 'static' on his TV and he felt
a WHOLE lot safer from the steps we took on this.

73 de Billy, AA4NU

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>From: Michael Cornwall <mccornwall at charter.net>
>	I'm in much the same boat.  I got the Ameren guy to come down,
>pointed him to the pole I thought I'd found.  Turns out it's coming from
>that vicinity but from somebody's house riding on the drop up to the poles
>and transformers.  It's intermittent and very hard to find from the ground.
>Loud as hell on 6m.  In any case, Ameren guy says it's not for him to fix if
>it's not his pole. 
>Mike Cornwall R.Ph.

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