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Dunno if AT&T U-Verse is a VDSL system - but with Qwest VDSL "Choice TV" - 
the only problem I had was at a KW on 40 cw but my sloping dipole was only 
about 20 feet from the modem - and I had long runs of RG6 to front of house 
(modem and telco input line is in hamshack room). Funny thing is the system 
has two RF outputs to TV with three video channels CH6 ,7 and 13  and 
remotes for each channel so you can look at any one of the streams - I ONLY 
clobbered the line running to the front room - which is CH 7 . I have the 
ch6 stream next to the rig and no problem - so I figured just swap te RF 
outputs  - nope - same problem. I put high passes at both ends of the line 
to front room , tried a string of ferrite beads from a Palomar balun kit at 
both ends - nothing helped.I also have a fair AC line filter feeding the 
modem - Isobar 6 ULtra.

 Then I put up a rotary dipole for 40 at 50 feet and now no problem any 
stream any room - apparently it was just plain direct radiation into the 
modem . (Motorla RG2200C). I have never caught anything bothering the high 
speed internet connection any band any power but could just have not seen 
it. Its yet another spigot out of the modem and I cannot remember but it 
seems like the guy claimed it was totally independent from the VDSL stuff.

FWIW -- Hank K7HP

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> Is anyone else having any RFI problems with hf signals into the AT&T 
> U-Verse
> system. I'm tied up with doctor's appointments for a few days, so I'll set
> something up with them when I can. The XYL is picky when I freeze the
> picture on the tv (with 100 watts).
> Thanks, Mike K9MI
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