[RFI] 40m (and other) noise

Sam Morgan ka5oai at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 04:12:24 PDT 2009

I have recently started hearing a noise 24/7 on 40m.
The noise is heard about every 11khz and randomly moves up or down a khz or so.
Best I can tell it covers from about 6.910mhz to 8.040mhz

I also hear it on 1.923mhz or so but only that one frequency on the whole 160m band.

I just checked the 30m band and I hear it every 40khz on it.

Can any one identify what it's coming from?

It may show up other places,
I just ran into the 40m ones the last few days
and then tonight found the 30m and 160m one.

I have shut down my apartment at the breaker panel,
and the noise is still there. I have had new neighbors move in an adjoining 
apartment. Above and one apartment over, right below some of my antennas on the 

Here you will see and hear the noise on 40m:
GB & 73
Sam Morgan

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