[RFI] update <was> 40m (and other) noise

Sam Morgan ka5oai at gmail.com
Sat Apr 11 12:02:55 PDT 2009

well we have some progress
working with the neighbor over the phone,
while I watched the pan adapter,
started with shutting the apartment down at the breaker box and finally found,
his cell phone charger was the problem on 30m,
snapon toroid did *NOT* fix it,
so he's agreed to just leave it unplugged when not in use .. YEA

the 40m noise has become elusive,
after being rock steady 24/7 for 2-3 days,
now it's on and off different times of the day,
times don't correspond with anything as of yet,
like street/security lights and such.

maybe there is a bright side to this,
I'm finding I want to work more cw just to get away from it, hi hi.

the journey continues . . . .

GB & 73
Sam Morgan

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