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But you could excerpt. Or cut/paste.  I'm sure I'm not the only one
that is tired of seeing every single question answered with "read the
60+ page pdf at this url".

That may be true (and I'm sure it is - I'm about 1/3 of the way in!)
but it's not really helpful.

On 2009-04-12, Jim Brown <jim at audiosystemsgroup.com> wrote:
> On Sat, 11 Apr 2009 22:31:02 -0400, Eric - VE3GSI wrote:
>>I only suggest the little Belkin cube as a line filter, if only for
>>convenience. NOT for the surge protection!!!! The little one I have, model
>>F5C594 has been replaced here:
> Eric,
> No one is throwing rocks at YOU, but at MOVs. They are VERY dangerous, for
> several reasons, all of which are documented on my website. Yes, they are
> widely used. Lots of people smoke tobacco, but that doesn't mean it's good
> for you. Lots of equipment is built with pin 1 problems, which cause hum,
> buzz, and RFI. That doesn't make it right. And I'm not going to write five
> paragraphs here to repeat what I've already put on my website as a free
> download.
> 73,
> Jim Brown K9YC
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