[RFI] Coaxial Choke

Lee K7TJR k7tjr at msn.com
Thu Apr 16 08:45:26 PDT 2009

      I think the RF engineers have been mischaracterized just a bit. Take for instance
Messrs Packard, Hewlett, Vollum, and nameless others. You cannot miss calling 
these likes RF engineers. Think about one of the largest markets ever in electronics. 
Oscilloscopes, signal generators, frequency synthesizers, and many more that also 
have to work over very broad ranges of frequencies. My very old TEK 661 scope 
goes from DC to 4 GHz. Hardly a microhone and a speaker! My specialty was 
function generators. They go from .00001 Hz to 40 plus Mhz. We called it designing 
from DC to Daylight. These kinds of electronics cover the audio world and miles on
either side of it. I never saw it as looking down on audio engineers but as yeah we 
had to do that too. We had to cover all kinds of inputs and outputs, floating, differential,
coaxial, current mode, and others. No specialists, we just had to do it.
     BTW, Howard Vollum (founder of Tektronix) had one of the largest Klipsch horn
type speakers you might ever see. It was built into the stairwell+ in his multi-story house.


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