[RFI] where to buy FairRite?

Kostas SV1DPI sv1dpi at otenet.gr
Mon Apr 27 13:17:13 PDT 2009

I want to buy a rather large quantity of ferrites
I need clampon No 2631164181 abt 100 pieces
i need also 2631102002 abt 30 pieces
and also 5943003801 or 2631803802 (abt 30 pieces)
By the way is 2631803802 suitable to make baluns? If not what ferrites and 
how many of them must i use to make a 1:1 balun capable for 2-3kwatts?
I sent an email to lodestone but i had no reply.
Do you know where to buy them for a cheaper price or is there anyone to help 
to buy them and send to me in Greece?
Tnx in advance
Kostas sv1dpi

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