[RFI] where to buy FairRite?

Sam Morgan ka5oai at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 16:37:00 PDT 2009

Jim Brown wrote:

> If not what ferrites and 
>> how many of them must i use to make a 1:1 balun capable for 2-3kwatts?
> 2-3kW? Is someone cheating on the rules?  If you want to cheat, do your own 
> designs and stay out of contests and DXing! 
since when has doubling the safety margin on something
become so readily worthy of such attacks.
I'm beginning to wonder if I need to look through the archives,
to see if I cn find the root of all the animosity I see on this list?

/me ducks and slithers back into my faraday shielded cave
GB & 73
Sam Morgan

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