[RFI] Router Suggestions?

wb6rse1 at mac.com wb6rse1 at mac.com
Fri Aug 14 17:17:44 PDT 2009

My Linksys WRT54G wireless router produced the usual birdies at 14030,  
21052, 18090 +/- 60 kc among others.

A DC supply was tried and router speeds were toggled. No change.

FT240-77 toroids put on CAT5e cables. FT140-43s on the wall warts.  
Cables dressed. Rig computer remains wired. Second computer switched  
to wireless. Almost all birdies gone except when the router CAT5e  
cable is connected to the second machine. Then some birdies returned.  
CAT6 cables not tried. Difficult to replace on long runs but possible  
last resort. All radio equipment is on a separate AC circuit from the  
computer and internet gear.

I wanted the second computer to remain wired. The D-Link DIR-655  
router was available. It's up and running. No birdies found so far.  
Except some very weak ones. Power cycling eliminated local gear as the  
source. The remaining birdies are antenna orientation dependent. I  
suspect other routers in the neighborhood. Fortunately these birdies  
are very weak.

Thanks to all who offered advice and suggestions:

G4ZFQ, PA5KT, NF4L (reported success with a D-Link 615), N4ZR, N9WQ,  
W4BSG, KA5M (reported success with a Linksys WRT150N), WB4BYQ, NR1R,  
K4FX, VE7HJ, KJ9C (reported success with a D-Link DIR-655), NØNB  
(reported success with a Linksys WRT55AG), W4LDE, WS7I, N7UA and  
anyone else I missed!

73 - Steve WB6RSE

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