[RFI] CATV Upstream Interference

Luciano Nachif luciano_nachif at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 27 04:15:10 PDT 2009

It's been four months so far and nothing has mitigated.
I'm talking about the "Upstream" Internet Cable signals which is distributed in my town.
Although it was supposed to be built under a new two-way net, this company decided to use the old unreliable one-way net to run phone, Internet and TV in its cables all over the district I live.
Yes, I can hear the signals on 40 meters sent by computer modems to main cables since they decided to relocate a node which was about a mile from me to few blocks away from my house. Any time I switch any of my Yaesu radios on or walk close underneath to the CATV cables, I hear a loud signal on my Sony ICF-SW7600GR portable radio.
Those sinusoidal shape analog signals are heard all over HF from few kHz to 30 MHz, including but not limited to 7.110, 7.134, 7.158, 7.182, 7.206 and so forth. So, every 24kHz I hear the same interference. If I go up to 29.207 (10 meters band) I still hear it but in few places only. Am I right when I say those few places where I hear the 29.207 signals are the strongest ones so they actually are the leaking spots?
Yes, It became stronger in last 30 days despite few times the CATV company provider went on field tests and repairs. Places and streets that were not contaminated in the last 30  days have become dirty spots for ham radio stations, as well.
Those CATV company people are not skilled to sort out a problem like that and I have been helping them a lot.
Does any of you would be willing to help me, please?
I do appreciate any comments or tips that you may think is worth trying to get rid of all that crap.
Yes, I'm desperate to get my ham radio activity back in the air.
Luciano PT9KK


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