[RFI] Belkin PureAV™ Home Theater Battery Back up

Christopher E. Brown cbrown at woods.net
Sat Dec 5 04:32:32 PST 2009

On Fri, 4 Dec 2009, kd4e wrote:

> Good info.
> What I need is a good UPS that doesn't generate hash while
> recharging, maintenance charging, or inline use during a
> grid failure.
> My goal is for everything important to function off-grid
> but I am a long ways from that.
> What would you recommend in the way of a UPS (600W or more)
> that is RF-quiet, reliable, and provides for external
> batteries so the time-up may be extended (without melting
> the inverter)?

1) Large station battery pack (I like the Concord Lifeline AGMs) with a 
good PS/smart charger like an IOTA unit.  (NEVER NEVER NEVER play with wet 
cell or other batts that are not ultra-low outgass types inside.  Too many 
risks with outgassing or spillage.)

2) 1000 - 2000 watt quality/quite inverter, assume you will need to 
build/buy DC side filters and install ferrite on output, maybe an isobar 
ultra as well (Isobars, 6 and 8 outlet models seem to have very good 
common/diff mode filtration below 2Mhz).

That takes care of the shack.

3) 100ft *heavy* extension cord, I have a nice 6ga silicone jacket one, 
meant for running a block heater.  More than enough to temp power a 600w 
load on the other side of the house.

4) 1000i or 2000i Honda genset

I have 1, 2, 3 though the batt bank is only 210amp/hr (growing by 
105amp/hr every 6 months).

I only bother with the inverter if I want to keep a computer up, or watch 
TV during an outage.

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