[RFI] .. and while we're talking about UPS's

Larry Burke wi5a at sbcglobal.net
Sat Dec 5 07:43:10 PST 2009

I just bought a new Dell Studio XPS 9000 computer and my APC "Back-UPS XS
1500" UPS fails to keep the PC running during a power glitch. Monitor stays
on just fine. A Google search suggests that certain power supplies are more
sensitive to the waveform of the UPS than others. Anyone else have this
problem and know of a solution? The UPS was working fine with the old Dell
PC and it is far from being overloaded. 


>From an RFI standpoint a couple of learnings from this purchase: the Dell
SX2210 22" flat panel monitor is an absolute disaster on 160m. Hash all over
the band. I ended up buying a Samsung 23" SyncMaster 2333SW and it is as
quiet as a church mouse on Topband. I have not performed extensive checking
on the other bands, but a quick listen says the Samsung is quiet there as
well -- through 6m.  


With regards to RFI from the UPS, it has never been a problem.


Now if I can just get the print server built into my Netgear FWG114P router
working with Windows Seven Home Premium 



Larry Burke

Brazoria County Texas


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