[RFI] Persistence Pays Off in eliminating a Nasty RFI Source

Dennis Vernacchia n6ki73 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 12 00:58:57 PST 2009

This from Bruce KQ6B in Valley Center ( rural ) CA


Bruce writes:
 As you may know, I've had a noise problem here for years.  Sometimes it
would be as high as 30 dB over S9.  The noise blanker on my TS-930 helped
but it still made weak signal listening very challenging and very
frustrating.  Previously, I had tracked the problem down to a particular
neighbor and to a particular circuit in his house.  But all of the
receptacles and lights that we could see were "clean".  It suggested that
there was some culprit hidden in a wall, closet or attic  - - like a
doorbell transformer, a thermostat transformer or a TV amplifier.  I don't
think that it would have been that difficult to isolate except that the
neighbors were really pretty uncooperative and didn't want to let me into
their house.  I had visions that I would need to file a complaint with the
FCC and take my chances that some non-technical bureaucrat would provide
some assistance.  But the house changed owners and I finally got my newer
neighbor to take a look up in his attic for the "hidden" culprit.

It turns out that up in the attic of my neighbor's house  the previous owner
had a TV antenna and an amp (either a pre-amp or a distribution amp).  When
the owner finally located it and unplugged it and the coax, the noise
problem essentially went away.  There is still a little noise here and
there, but I don't think that it will be enough to be of much bother.  Also,
it is likely that it is from a completely different source.  So, I'm
declaring victory!!!


Bruce (KQ6B)

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