[RFI] CFLs and LEDs

Andy ingraham.ma.ultranet at rcn.com
Sun Feb 1 12:25:03 EST 2009

I've enjoyed the discussions about compact fluorescents, even if they
sometimes digressed from the topic of RFI.

Another resource I just came across, which others might enjoy too, is:

and some of the pages under it, including:
http://members.misty.com/don/f-lamp.html (Sam's F-Lamp FAQ)
http://members.misty.com/don/cfapp.html (where to use / not use CFLs)

I only just scanned a little, but it looks to have a lot of helpful
information about CFLs, why some brands go bad, etc.  RFI is mentioned, but
not extensively.

Also there's some info. about bright LEDs too.

(FYI, I have now concluded that "Lights of America" should be avoided at all
costs.  We just had a non-compact fluorescent fixture of theirs go bad, and
it appears to be the ballast, which may be a failure mode of many of their
non-compact fluorescents.  My personal experience with a couple other LOA
lamps has been similarly poor.  This fixture got maybe a few hundred hours
total use, but is no longer under warranty, and the model is discontinued.
Home Depot apparently stopped carrying LOA because of their lousy


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