[RFI] Adding AFI to the List?

kd4e doc at kd4e.com
Mon Feb 2 12:44:37 EST 2009

I would like to humbly suggest that we add AFI to RFI, TVI, and EMI
as a technological nuisance.

At 1:30AM this morning AFI (audio frequency noise) emanated from
the adjacent QTH loudly enough to wake me - screeching guitar and
thumping drum sounds.

We have previously discussed neutralizing the source of thumpa-thumpa
amps in vehicles and muffler-challenged off-road vehicles using radar
and microwave pulse-canons but have found them too power-hungry
and too dangerous to humans and pets.

We have also proposed detecting the audio waveform and generating
opposite-cycle sound waves to cancel them -- but that received little
response -- I am guessing it is too computer-intensive and would require
too much power in an uncontrolled outside environment.  (Not sure if
generated to mitigate only those sounds which penetrate the building
that power-level or complexity would be as challenging but I lack the
knowledge to build such a gadget and the funds to purchase them.)

New proposal to mitigate AFI/human-generated sound pollution:

High-pitched highly-directional audio pulses designed to motivate the
person(s) causing and controlling the AFI to cease and desist - simply
by a primitive association between the generation of their AFI and the
triggering of auditory-distress (coincident with the auditory-distress
they are causing their neighbor).  Such pulses are naturally highly
directional and very efficient to generate.



Thanks! & 73, doc, KD4E
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