[RFI] Adding AFI to the List?

kd4e doc at kd4e.com
Mon Feb 2 15:54:06 EST 2009

I have thoughts of getting a small really loud generator with a remote 

I could situate it where the walls of a shed would direct the sound away 
my QTH.

That way I could fire it up whenever the "music" gets noxious.

Generators need to be tested now and then - and there's aways a need to
charge batteries or to power some landscape lights or to run the well 
pump ...

This would be for when my neighbor is away and his guests have a few too
many brews ...

> The thing with musicians is that they usually sleep at times other  
> than the rest of us. What is needed is to find out hose times, and  
> play some music that they probably wouldn't like during those times,  
> then have a nice conversation when they come over to complain.
> I can only imagine the horrors of having to listen to rap - I'd  
> probably come over to tell you to turn Jimi up so I could hear him  
> better. What a loss.
> -73 de Mike N3LI -


Thanks! & 73, doc, KD4E
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