[RFI] Adding AFI to the List?

Dale Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Mon Feb 2 23:22:06 EST 2009

> Wouldn't a call to the local police dept work wonders?

When was the last time you ever called the police--they did everything but
laugh when I called at 3:30AM one morning to ask them to shutdown a garage
band across the street.  I suppose if there are dead bodies and the bad guys
with guns have left, they MAY show up.  

You're probably much better off writing/contacting your homeowners
association.  They can wield some real power.  

As for giving the neighbors a few blasts of loud sound, that's exactly what
the ships who must pass through pirate-infested waters are apparently using,
since they can't carry real weaponry to defend themselves--international
law, etc. The sound 'guns' supposedly generate such a loud sound it's enough
to deter potential boarders without having to fire a real gun. 


dale, kg5u

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