[RFI] 80/160M RFI in neighbor's oven circuitry (PART 2)

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The GE Profile microwave here is 240volt @ 30amps per leg.  No GFI at that 
load current.

Depending on the code and age of the house it may not have any external 
ground rods installed. For example, here in Alexandria,VA a home built in 
the 30s would not have external ground rods. They just ran a wire to the 
cold water pipel that ran into the house.

Having run 160, 80, and 40m antennas parallel to the power line drops 
perhaps 30ft in distance I can certify that adding a couple of ground rods 
does in fact act like a sink to pour RF.  Every location is different.  At 
my house with running a KW on 40m I could pull an arch off the phone line 
with a carbon pencil. Seven K-COM filters reduced the RF but didn't 
eliminate it.  One Corcom EMI/RFI filter completely removed the RFI from the 
phone line.  But I had to connect the case of the Corcom filter to those 
useless ground rods ;-) or it didn't work worth a damn!

Radio is an art for amateurs radio operators.  Sometimes EEs can get a 
headache trying to figure out why things don't work the way the text book 
says it should -- must be the magic of radio ;-)

Good Luck,
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> RFI Services' Mike Martin wrote:
>> I think the ground socket is now required to be installed on top so if a
>> conductive cover plate were to come loose it will fall onto the ground
>> terminal instead of shorting the hot leg to the neutral.
> That was the old reasoning.  In industry they called it a fire hazard
> among other reasons so that was banned.  With GFIs it makes no
> difference what shorts. Again it depends on where you live and who wrote
> the code and their rationalization behind it.
> 73
> Roger (K8RI).
>> Sometimes this creates issues with the way a heavy duty cord is molded 
>> and
>> are too short to work.
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