[RFI] Alternative Power Source Questions & RFI

kd4e doc at kd4e.com
Mon Feb 9 23:00:02 EST 2009

> >From something I remember reading on this reflector, 'RFI' generated from a
> wind generator may have cause one of our fellow Amateur Radio Ops to go QRT.
> Also, from a friend of mine who once dabbled with battery storage and
> invertors of an earlier day, he once told me the DC to AC inverters were so
> bad that AM radio was out of the question and their TV would show 'sparkles'
> on weaker television signals caused from the invertors. So my questions are.
> Have things improved with these type of devices from an earlier time, or can
> a fellow still expect RFI generated problems?

It depends upon the device and the quality of the installation.  Some 
are still
noisy, some are not.

> Would I as a Radio Op on the HF bands wish to live near someone with such
> off-the-grid equipment?

Many active Hams use off-grid power sources.

> If anyone of you good people could ask our guest speaker about a RFI problem
> with alternative source power, what would it be?
What devices has he tested specifically for RFI to broadcast and Amateur 

> Please, my questions are aimed at potential RFI problems only, not if it is
> practical to do purchase such solar/wind equipment.
> Many thanks,
> Eric - VE3GSI


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