[RFI] 80/160M RFI in neighbor's oven circuitry !

Cortland Richmond ka5s at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 13 05:55:14 EST 2009

Appliances aren't subject to the labelling requtrements of 15.19:

Section 15.103  Exempted devices
  The following devices are subject only to the general conditions of
operation in Sections 15.5 and 
15.29 and are exempt from the specific technical standards **and other
requirements contained in this Part.**  
The operator of the exempted device shall be required to stop operating the
device upon a finding by the 
Commission or its representative that the device is causing harmful
interference.  Operation shall not 
resume until the condition causing the harmful interference has been
corrected.  Although not mandatory, 
it is strongly recommended that the manufacturer of an exempted device
endeavor to have the device 
meet the specific technical standards in this Part. 
  (d)  A digital device utilized exclusively in an appliance, e.g.,
microwave oven, dishwasher, 
clothes dryer, air conditioner (central or window), etc.

> [Original Message]
> From: Missouri Guy <n0tt1 at juno.com>
> ...even if the oven probably carries a FCC Part-15 message 
> in back of the instruction manual.   You might casually look
> through the manual with him/her and "discover" it....then
> reach an agreement with your neighbor on what to do
> next, if anything.  
> CU on 160!
> Charlie, N0TT

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