[RFI] Current balun construction?

Peter Laws plaws at plaws.net
Sun Feb 22 10:26:56 EST 2009

Is there any magic to the spacing of the beads when you build a
current balun?  I bought a kit from Palomar a while back in an attempt
to cure some issues.  It's just a series of beads and some shrink
tubing to hold it in place - pretty slick, less than $20.  Stuck it on
a length of LMR400 or 9913 and stuck some PL259s on it.  No sweat.
Didn't operate as desired, but that wasn't the fault of the balun.

Question is, if I thought I needed more choking, could I just assemble
another one and add it in to the feedline?  Or would it be better to
take the existing unit apart and rebuild it with all the beads

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