[RFI] CFL's & UV - Hoax or Real? Real but Overstated?

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Mon Feb 23 23:01:10 EST 2009

Jeff, W3KI, shared some interesting perspective.

Others have noted that we often may have a CFL in much closer
proximity than a common florescent tube - so even if the CFL
UV level is similar the contact with our skin and eyes may be far
higher - thus those who may be unusually sensitive to UV may
be measurably impacted.

The same could be said for salt, for the average person a little or
a lot more salt merely makes one a little more thirsty, for others
it could make the difference to their metabolism that triggers a
negative reaction.

An interesting bit of detective work appears to be in order ...

> On Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 9:49 PM, kd4e <doc at kd4e.com 
> <mailto:doc at kd4e.com>> wrote:
>     The claim of the researchers is 10x+ the UV radiation of a typical
>     incandescent.
> Sure, I buy that.
> There's basically a vanishingly small amount of UV radiation in the 
> thermal light distribution coming off an incandescent.
> Check out the Wikipedia graph of thermal emission spectra:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Blackbody-lg.png
> Seems like a regular incandescent filament is about 3000-3200K, so 
> it's like the red curve.
> There's going to be a little tiny bit of UV in that, but it's only 
> strong in the visible and a LOT in the infrared!  Of course, that 
> means a lot of the energy goes into heating up the bulb and 
> surroundings with IR emissions that don't give you any useful light 
> output...
> So there's absolutely no question in my mind that a typical CFL gives 
> off much more UV than an incandescent.  CFL's need to generate UV to 
> work, incandescents just have a little tiny bit out on the high end of 
> the emission spectrum.
> That doesn't necessarily mean a CFL gives off a dangerous amount.  
> After all, wouldn't much matter if I was saying 10 grains of salt have 
> 10x the sodium of 1 grain of salt :-) 
> 73
> Dan


Thanks! & 73, doc, KD4E
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