[RFI] [TVI-RFI-EMI] CFL's & UV - Hoax or Real? Real but Overstated?

Dale Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Tue Feb 24 10:05:30 EST 2009

>Those links appear to be from corporate sources with a vested financial
interest in discouraging concerns.  History suggests that corporate press
releases sometimes overstate or under-state things.

Silly me.  Of course, GlobalTV is completely free of outside influence and
has no vested financial interest whatever and however they vet their

Thank God the media doesn't ever resort to overstating things. 

Of course there was the report on TV a couple of weeks ago featuring some
guys going swimming in Lake Ontario.  Ice and snow all about the ground
while they frolicked in the water.  According to the anchorman AND his
"staff meteorologist", the water temperature was -23 degrees.   

As for "citizens who may have a higher-than-average sensitivity to whatever
form of UV is emitted at close-range", maybe they should sit farther away
from the UV source?   Anyway, the report never mentioned how much time the
person supposedly affected by the UV from the CFL had spent outside
unprotected from the sun.  I find it difficult to believe that anyone could
be so sensitive to the UV from a CFL that it's effects would appear within
minutes.  It takes my microwave 4 minutes to do my popcorn.  Maybe I should
try using CFLs.

I'll take my chances with believing GE and Energy Star before GlobalTV and
most other news media, thank you very much. 


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Thanks Dale,

    Especially where the chronically quality-challenged and safety-
threatening totalitarian Chinese manufacturing-military system is involved
no presumption of quality or safety is justified.

    I look forward to an independent study of the various products and
manufacturing lots for hard measurements - alongside an independent
evaluation of the percentage of citizens who may have a higher-than-average
sensitivity to whatever form of UV is emitted at close-range and if they may
be at risk.

    Unlike Al "Chicken-Little" Gore I prefer to be informed by science
rather than proof-texting selectively.

    Thanks again for the links - they are part of the larger puzzle.

 > Dale Martin wrote:
> This from
> http://www.gelighting.com/na/home_lighting/ask_us/faq_compact.htm#haza
> rdous_
> uv
> From
> http://energystar.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/energystar.cfg/php/enduser/std_
> adp.ph
> p?p_faqid=3867


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