[RFI] K-Com Filters

Jim Brown jim at audiosystemsgroup.com
Sun Mar 1 10:34:38 PST 2009

I'm currently writing the EMC chapter for the 2010 ARRL Handbook, and 
wanted to be sure to include info on good products like K-Com 
telephone filters. The webpage is down, so I tracked down Mr. K-Com, 
Pete Krieger, K8COM. We chatted for at least a half hour. For several 
reasons, Pete chose to shut down his business a few months ago. It 
was a combination of getting screwed by the corporate customers that 
made up the bulk of his customer base and some health problems. Pete 
is retired from Lucent. 

So K-Com is gone. KY-Filters is very much there, and I've measured 
two KY filters, one tuned to AM broadcast and one tuned to the HF ham 
bands. Both K-Com filters and KY filters are common mode chokes. They 
provide no intentional differential mode filtering. I have NOT tested 
these filters for effectiveness, only measured their common mode 

If anyone has a K-Com filter, I'd love to measure it. Please contact 
me off list if you would like to loan it (or donate it). My testing 
is non-destructive. :)  


Jim Brown K9YC  

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