[RFI] 20 Meter Noise Level

David C. Hallam dhallam at rapidsys.com
Fri Mar 13 06:56:37 PDT 2009

Is it possible that my high noise level on 20M is related to my TV.  I 
have an older Mitsubishi big screen projection TV in the living room. 
It is located directly under my 20M antenna.  Most of the time I 
experience a S5 to S6 noise level so weak signal are out of the 
question.  This morning I was listening on 20M and had the usual noise 
level.  My wife went out for the day.  I turned the TV off noticed the 
noise level dropped to S1.  After turning the TV off and on several 
times, it seems the noise level is directly related to the TV.  Is it 
possible and if so, any ideas how to tame it?


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