[RFI] 20 Meter Noise Level

David C. Hallam dhallam at rapidsys.com
Fri Mar 13 07:57:52 PDT 2009

I can try a filter on the line cord, but a 60" projection TV is a little 
big to wrap in AL foil.


K1TTT wrote:
> Well, you pretty much proved it is the tv... unless maybe you have it on a
> ups that gets noisy when it is loaded down.
> The easiest thing to fix is if it is from the line cord, add some ferrites
> or a line filter to see if that helps.  If it is radiating straight from the
> case then you can try wrapping it in aluminum foil like my tv is.
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>> Is it possible that my high noise level on 20M is related to my TV.  I
>> have an older Mitsubishi big screen projection TV in the living room.
>> It is located directly under my 20M antenna.  Most of the time I
>> experience a S5 to S6 noise level so weak signal are out of the
>> question.  This morning I was listening on 20M and had the usual noise
>> level.  My wife went out for the day.  I turned the TV off noticed the
>> noise level dropped to S1.  After turning the TV off and on several
>> times, it seems the noise level is directly related to the TV.  Is it
>> possible and if so, any ideas how to tame it?
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