[RFI] Telco Filter Measurements

Jim Brown jim at audiosystemsgroup.com
Fri Mar 13 12:57:07 PDT 2009

Someone sent me a Radio Shack 2-line filter advertised as being 
effective on broadcast, CB, and ham RFI. I just measured it, and it 
is absolute garbage. It's a very high Q choke tuned to 7 MHz. It 
would work on 40M, but would be useless anywhere else. Model number 

So far, all of the KY and K-Com chokes I've measured have been decent 
products, and the KY filters are better than the K-Coms. I'd love to 
measure the Excelus products, but they won't send me a sample and I'm 
not willing to buy something I don't need myself. :)


Jim Brown K9YC

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