[RFI] 160M incoming RFI

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Fri Mar 13 12:19:37 PDT 2009

I have a very perplexing RF noise on 160M, which started a couple of weeks 
ago.  It takes the form of a broad increase in the noise floor from about 
1805 to 1825.  On AM, CW and SSB it occurs with what appears to be a 
definite peak at 1815.  On SSB, I can hear what sounds like a very rough 
carrier around the center frequency, but the recovered audio is far too low 
to account for the S9 noise level.  On AM, I do not hear a hum component, 
but there appear to be other peaks down in the BC band, for example.  I 
hear it on both conventional radios, and on my SDR, and on both my transmit 
vertical and my K9AY loop when either is combined with any one of those 
radios.  It is definitely coming in on the feedlines, not being generated 
in the shack.  I cannot discern any directional character to it when I turn 
the K9AY loop, but 4 directions isn't much help with such a broad antenna.

Any ideas what I'm dealing with?

73, Pete N4ZR
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