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On 3/13/2009 Hardy Landskov wrote:

> Hi Bob and Everyone else,
> Garry, NI6T (Big 160 guy) made a paper study of dimmer switches and put it
> out on the Topband Reflector if I remember. And there is quite a difference!
> I have it around somewhere but emailing Garry might be faster garry at ni6t.com
> 73 Hardy N7RT
OK Guys,
I have a good friend who works for Lutron, and a while back I emailed him, asking these very questions.  He gave me permission to put his answer up on the list.  I've redacted his name, and "family" news (weddings etc)

>On 11/19/2006 Redacted wrote:

> Hi!

> To paraphrase the racing guys, RFI suppression costs money. How low do you
> want to go?

> There are a couple of factors involved--one is how the device responds to
> noise on the line before we dim, the other is how we do the dimming.

> The best possible solution is made for hospitals and MRI centers--zero RFI.
> Lotsa bucks. The next best solution is our GP dimming panels--very little
> RFI, but lotsa bucks. Then comes our LP dimming panels, with the new 
> FET-based A-series dimming module. Much more modestly priced, but this is
> still Lutron. (Depending upon how much the electrical contractor marks it
> up, you're still probably around a hundred dollars per circuit or so.)

> Want more? Here's the Lutron FAQ for RFI:

> http://www.lutron.com/default.aspx?pid=6#faq8

> Note the last suggestion--install an electronic low-voltage lighting 
> system, with an ELV dimmer. Then comes the big tip: a separate neutral.
> Lots of times these days electricians will wire a building with a common
> neutral--combining the white wires and running a lot of circuits back to
> the panel on a single white wire. This is a bad thing to do--because you
> get all kinds of nasty noise on the line, and the noise appears on all of
> the circuits. But it happens (it saves the contractor wire).


73 de KG2V

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