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Sat Mar 14 17:14:50 PDT 2009

I have copied this to the RFI list in case the more-expert folks there
have some better suggestions for you ...

If 2M FM is all that you intend to listen to then you are OK only
using that to test but I recommend greater due diligence prior to

The radio in your car probably has AM-BC, you can drive near to the
lines with it - the HV lines here are quiet but the regular lines in the
neighborhood for miles often blanket weaker AM signals - I suspect
leaky cable-tv lines.

The voltage of the lines isn't that important other than the HV lines
are higher in the air and rarely radiate enough energy to get to the
ground - you are unlikely to notice them unless you run a long (e.g.
160 or 80M) dipole up high and parallel to the lines.

A good friend and broadcast TV engineer lives with HV lines across
the back of his city lot and other lines nearby - he works HF & VHF
all the time and has little noise.  He has dipoles and wires and verticals.

>  David, I don't know the voltage of the power lines, but I can check
>  with the township or power company. I do have a 2 meter FM HT that I
>  could use. If there is noise, what can be done to eliminate it.
>  Bob
 >> A handheld AM-BC, SW, & FM plus aircraft band should do it.
 >> If you don't have one they are cheap - or borrow one.
 >> Are they the 45,000V lines?  We have a right-of-way through our
 >> property and the house and antennas are 200 feet from them -
 >> not a peep.
 >> These are good lists to subscribe to:
 >> RFI List <rfi at contesting.com>
 >> "tvi-rfi-emi at mailman.qth.net" <tvi-rfi-emi at mailman.qth.net>
 >>HTH ... 73, doc KD4E
 >>>Callsign: K3SRO
 >>> I am looking at a home that is located about 2 blocks from high 
 >>> power lines on towers. How will this effect my reception on the HF,
 >>> UHF and VHF bands? Will I experience any power line noise or
 >>> interference while receiving or transmitting? Is there a way to check
 >>> for any power line noise before signing the agreement of sale?
 >>> Please contact Bob, K3SRO.


Thanks! & 73, doc, KD4E
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