[RFI] CFLs and LEDs

Alan NV8A nv8a at att.net
Sat Mar 28 10:57:14 PDT 2009

On 01/09/09 12:17 pm Alan NV8A wrote:

> Some of our CFLs have not lasted very long, and they do take a little
> while to achieve full brightness.
> Yesterday at Sam's Club I picked up a two-pack of 45-watt-equivalent LED
> bulbs with a power consumption of 3.5 watts. These are intended for
> track lighting and recessed downlights. There is no delay, they seem
> brighter (certainly whiter) than the 50-watt incandescents they
> replaced.

Those first LED bulbs were $14.xx for a pack of two. A little while 
later they were $10.xx for the same two-pack, and today they were $6.97.

Also today I bought a single 5W PAR38 LED bulb for $6.97. This appears 
to have a mixture of bluish and yellowish LEDs, presumably to counter 
the blue cast that troubles some people. It fits the old track light 
fixtures that were in the house already but not the "Lazer" brand ones 
we bought at Lowe's. It should also fit our recessed lighting fittings.


Alan NV8A

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