[RFI] 160m-5mhz noise?

Charlie Gallo Charlie at TheGallos.com
Thu Nov 5 18:39:46 PST 2009

On 11/5/2009 Paul Christensen wrote:

> Unfortunately, as time moves on, we're going to be forced to live with more
> and more switch-mode technology around us

Just to say that switch mode supplies CAN be made to be as RF quiet as any linear supply.  Trust me, back in the 80s and early 90s, I worked for a company that made (among other items) power supplies, both linear and switch mode.  Some of the units were totally RF quiet - I know, I was the poor guy who had to go out to the lab to do the conducted (aka out the wires) and radiated emissions and susceptibility testing, and some of them were REAL quiet (amazing what the military can demand and get when they don't want people to be able to track the supply by RFI)

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